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About the Creator of the Adventure Deck System


Aaron D. Baldon is a U.S. Army Veteran with a deployment to Afghanistan in 2012. With a constant desire to create, Aaron has experience as an Art Director, Senior Designer, Illustrator, and now Game Designer. With an eye for tactical play and a desire for balance, Aaron is creating games that embrace both while being thought-provoking and engaging. As a direct descendant of one of the many indigenous communities in North America he understands the importance of inclusivity and diversity in gaming and the creative industry. Aaron lived in Kyiv Ukraine for two and a half years, finally being able to leave Kyiv with his Ukrainian wife and stepson a month after Russia's war of aggression began against the Ukrainian people. He currently resides in Central Europe with his wife and stepson and is now again pursuing creative endeavors such as game design, graphic design, and illustration. 


The face behind Warface

photo credit: Johannes Muller

Aaron with his Ukrainian Sheltie, Obi-Wan

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