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What is the Adventure Deck System?

It is a new rondel-based deck builder RPG that is playable solo or with friends, or even with enemies! Control a single hero, using your Adventure Deck to describe your hero and their actions in detail. Use Adventure Setting Cards and Foe Cards to craft an adventure for yourself and your friends. The Adventure Deck System uses instant resolution mechanics to ensure that you don't even need a table to play. Play around a campfire, on the train, and more! Randomizers are built right into the cards so you will never need dice or an app to determine chance again.

Unlimited Expandability

Future releases will include thematic art (reskin), races, classes, adventures, and more. Players can choose their favorite theme and create unique combinations of art that suit their taste and their favorite characters. Classes can expand beyond the basic Fighter, Rogue, Mage, and Priest into Druids, Rangers, Master Thieves, Necromancers, and more. New skills, spells, weapons, and armor will be added with each expansion. New races such as Orcs, Dark Elves, and more expand the world in which players can experience the adventure. 

Artifacts of play

Each session generates story items and loot that are added to each Player's Story Deck. When enemies are defeated or adventure goals are accomplished, players collect physical XP (Experience Point) Cards, and collect physical GP (Gold Piece) Cards. Players leave each session with physical reminders of their exploits as adventurers. 

Unlimited adaptability

With the proper Adventure Deck System Foe Cards, players can play popular RPG modules in addition to included Adventure Deck System scenarios and adventures. This ensures replayability and usability with players current library of adventures.

Multiple ways to play

Adjust the complexity of the game depending on your skill and experience as a player. The Adventure Deck System can be as simple or as complex as you wish. At its simplest, you follow the Rondel system that is at the core of the game. At its most complex, you take into account distances, attributes, counters, and the player favorite, the Escalation Mechanic!

Unlimited Playability

With a level-up system that is similar to many popular RPGs, the Adventure Deck System ensures countless hours of play for players. Players' characters grow in strength and power, increasing options to build and rebuild their Combat Decks, keeping them coming back for more. Enemies and adventures grow more complex and dangerous, increasing the challenge and replayability of adventures. 


(Starter set, per class): Up to 60 cards for a single character archetype and race, including Weapon Cards, Armor Cards, Spell Cards, and Skill Cards. Additional Cards for running an adventure (solo or group) include Foe Cards and supporting Cards (weapons, armor, spells, skills), Scenario Cards with the adventure setting, terrain/rooms, goals, and rewards. Players can purchase the aforementioned pre-built Archetype Decks, or purchase the Adventure Deck System Master Deck and create their own adventurer from scratch. A finished Character Deck (comprised of RPG Cards and the Combat Deck) is the equivalent of a character sheet in many popular RPGs, making each Character Deck personal and unique to each Player.   

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